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Elitist Remainers Are Desperate to Stay in the EU, We Have to Ask Ourselves Why??

I guarantee you, there will be nothing in it for us, the normal British voting public..

Blair, Major, Brown, Campbell, Hammond, Grieve, Soubry, Clarke, Bercow, Branson, Lineker, Geldof & Co still won’t accept that we are leaving the EU..

For 100 years after the end of World War One, the British people have voted in either the Tories or Labour to govern them, with the ‘stellar’ results that we see today…

Then since we joined the ‘European Communities’ as it was in 1973, our industrial decline and the erosion of UK society has accelerated at a dizzying pace.

Remainer Twitter feeds are so similar with their negative, snarling, ad-hominem bile, you could swap accounts between James O’Brien, Polly Toynbee and all the others and you simply could not tell the difference between them.

Today, the BBC, the Guardian, our Remainer Parliament. The ‘cultured elite’ in Academia and the UK Civil Service, as well as the ‘great and good’ who make up all those questionable quangos, are in a state of despair as Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister.

I have to confess, watching these pompous fools howl brings sheer joy!

The new reality is that for once there’s optimism, energy, and a tangible strategy in the UK air, instead of the whiff of betrayal and the prospect of permanent vassalage to the political and economic structures of EU.

The scowling Remainers, who pretend they are democrats, pretend they are “for the many”, pretend that they “really care”, these are the real modern day extremists, who can’t bear the idea that the majority of the UK public doesn’t gives a shit about them or their opinions..

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