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What’s ‘Extreme’ About Wanting Democracy?

Have I missed something? When did we become a dictatorship?

MPs such as Anna Soubry blocked any chance of getting a Brexit Deal and they have forced the hand of the electorate that are now demanding exit without a deal.

These Remain refuseniks don’t seem to understand the desire to leave the EU is not an extreme position, it is the will of a majority of the UK electorate. The extremists at work in this country are those agitating to overturn a democratic vote, and ignore the output of the UK’s democratic process.

After the dismal results for Change UK (Independent Group) in the EU elections. Its painfully obvious that Anna Soubry doesn’t speak for this country..

The Conservative party under David Cameron promised a EU referendum in their 2015 manifesto, they won. We had a referendum, Leave won. Theresa May called a snap election in 2017, 80% voted for parties with a firm commitment to Leave in their manifesto. After 2 more years of prevarication and delay, the Brexit Party appeared out of nowhere to win the EU elections, see the pattern?

A majority of Conservative and Labour constituencies voted to leave in the EU referendum

Between Theresa May’s dogmatic approach to Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn sitting on the fence. UK democracy was already in a downward spiral when Anna Soubry, Chuka Umunna and the rest of the gang left their respective parties to push for a ‘People’s Vote’ as our political process broke down.

Now we have dire economic warnings from the EU and for the Euro. Germany is facing a recession, Deutsche Bank has huge problems not seen in Europe since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, the Eurozone as a whole is estimated to have over one trillion in non performing loans.

It is the EU that has a track long record of being anti-democratic and rejecting referendum results. We must not allow the will of the British people to be ignored or delayed any further beyond 31 October.

If Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his new team can deliver Brexit, the Theresa May years will be forgotten and the Conservatives will be forgiven and surge in the polls. The Lib Dems, SNP, even Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party will become irrelevant.

The likes of Anna Soubry, who has already announced she is stepping down at the next election, will soon be trying to find a new purpose in life!

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