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“Trust Is Now the Key Issue in British Politics” Nigel Farage Unveils First 50 Brexit Party MP Candidates

“Our MPs are not listening to the will of the people.”

The Brexit Party don’t seem to be taking Boris Johnson at his word, that he will be the man to finally deliver Brexit. The party is now gearing up for an early general election, with 50 more parliamentary candidates being revealed on Monday and a further 50 on Tuesday.

The first release includes candidates who will be standing in the North-East for seats representing Bishop Auckland, Sunderland Central and Houghton and Sunderland.

The names on the list are tech professional Nick Brown, academic historian Kevin Yuill and Viral Parikh, an immigrant who settled in the UK from India in 2001.

Mr Parikh, who is running for Sunderland Central commented:

“I believe we can do much, much better outside,” he said. “Why be an introvert, when you can be an extrovert. The EU is a big trade partner but we should be trading with many more.

Nick Brown, who also has a Cambridge law degree, is running in the seat for Bishop Auckland.

He stated: “Like many people outside the Westminster bubble, I’ve realised we can’t trust our current crop of politicians to do what we asked them to do.

“I was born and raised in this constituency in the North East and have seen first-hand how repeatedly voting for Labour has failed to bring any benefits to my wonderful home region.”

The Brexit Party has the goal of putting forward candidates for all 650 seats across the country.

In West Yorkshire, Gray’s Inn Barrister Kulvinder Singh Manik, will fight for Labour’s Bradford South seat.

In Lancashire, a teacher and former leader of the Labour council in Rochdale, Colin Lambert, was also named as a Brexit Party candidate.

Lambert was one of a group of Labour councillors who defected en-masse to the Brexit Party last month after being a card carrying member of Labour for 40 years,

Mr Lambert said of the current state of Labour: “they have let down our city and people by ignoring the democratic decision to leave the EU.”

In the West Midlands, former chairman of Southampton Football Club and current Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe, will attempt to become MP for Dudley North overturning Labour’s razor-thin majority of only 22 votes.

Mr Lowe remarked: “I’ve been making deals my whole life and it’s about time the good people of Dudley have MPs who can fight for their interest on a national level.”

He added: “Labour won’t deliver Brexit and the Tories can’t.

“The Boris plan to repackage May’s treaty and force it through is duplicitous and he must be called out for it.”

Ex-UKIP councillor Paul Brothwood said it was an “honour” to stand for the Brexit Party in his home constituency of Dudley South.

Mr Brothwood added: “This is where I was born, bred and live. I want to continue my community work and help untangle the poor legacy of the established parties and offer a real alternative; let’s change politics for good.”

Also in the West Midlands, standing for Wolverhampton, will be Raj Singh Chaggar, a chartered accountant and influential figure in the local Sikh community, who settled in the UK in 1968. Mr Chaggar is a former Conservative member who felt he had no choice but to leave the party and fight for Brexit.

He commented: “it is clear to me that the Tories have let us down and only The Brexit Party can deliver on the referendum result and build a bright post-Brexit future for the UK.”

As the list of candidates was unveiled, Nigel Farage stated: “With Boris Johnson already watering down Brexit, and looking to bounce the country into an early general election, trust is now the key issue in British politics.

“Our great candidates will not stand for Mrs May’s treaty being repackaged, it is still the worst deal in history and a betrayal of leave voters. That’s why we are ready to fight in every seat to secure the Brexit that 17.4m voted for.”

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