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Someone Needs to Tell Mr Barnier That HIS Withdrawal Treaty Is UNACCEPTABLE TO US!!

Immovable, intransigent, obstructive and arrogant; and those are just some of Michel Barnier’s better qualities..

Barnier is quoted to have pronounced “game, set and match” after the Withdrawal Agreement was signed off by the previous Conservative government.

Who could blame him for thinking he had it in the bag with Theresa May in charge?

He seems to have become quite accustomed to May and her ‘negotiating team’ kowtowing to him and never speaking up for Britain.

But today, Mr Barnier has been forced to come out swinging over Boris Johnson’s “rather combative” speech to the House of Commons, in his debut outing as Prime Minister. He also dismissed out of hand as “unacceptable” the offer Boris made to work towards a compromise Brexit deal even at this late stage.

It seems rather odd that the EU can insist on no changes and such a hard line position. Surely a deal that isn’t agreed isn’t a deal if it can’t be changed?

A clear majority of UK MPs rejected Theresa May’s withdrawal treaty three times in a row. If the EU refuse to negotiate even now we have a new Prime Minister, ‘No deal’ looks certain..

But the reality is, despite all the bluster emanating from Brussels, after just one day of Boris in Number 10, Barnier is frantically writing to the EU27 soliciting for an improved negotiating mandate.

Unfortunately, our submissive europhile media in the UK are simply too cowed to read between the lines..

In a letter to European leaders, Michel Barnier urged “solidarity and unity” in response to Boris Johnson’s first speech in the House of Commons. Barnier also declared as “unacceptable” Johnson’s insistence on eliminating the backstop provision in the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (WA).

Barnier, Verhofstadt and the rest of the EU apparatchiks seem to forget the UK referendum result in June 2016 was to Leave the EU.

No matter how many times the British public tell them we have no interest in any further part of this anti-democratic superstate, these mischievous and vexatious politicians in Westminster and Brussels just don’t seem to get the message..

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