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Revealed!! Scottish Fishing Waters To Be Traded for EU Membership after Brexit??

Why doesn’t Nicola Sturgeon support her own fishing industry ?

Let the backlash commence..

The SNP seem terrified at the prospect of the UK Fishing industry booming after we leave the EU. With the inevitable result, that even fewer of the Scottish people will believe it is necessary, or desirable for an ‘independent’ Scotland ruled by Brussels…

After a slip-up by an SNP official on the BBC Today programme, it is now an open secret that Nicola Sturgeon would be willing to give back control of Scottish fishing waters to the EU, as the price for membership.

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP seem to be drifting more out of touch with the people of Scotland on a daily basis, by pandering to a vocal minority, many of whom aren’t even living North of the Border.

Sturgeon may be a media darling in Westminster circles, and among the Remain Twitterati. But she is alienating Scottish voters with her constant grandstanding on Brexit. The SNP could pay the price for this in 2021.

Of course, on the face of it, the SNP are still broadly popular in Scotland, and it is Brexit which is the minority view. Especially when we are looking from the viewpoint of ‘Yes’ areas like Glasgow and the commuter towns surrounding it.

But this may not reflect the wider picture of Scotland.

There are fishing communities with a different perspective of the EU to Scottish Remainers in the central belt.

These people have seen with their own eyes that it is EU fishing quotas and other restrictions that have ravaged their livelihoods, while Spanish and Dutch fishermen take the spoils, and their voices are no less Scottish.

Even if Sturgeon does achieve her objective of renewed membership of the EU for an independent Scotland after Brexit, she or any successor would still face many obstacles to maintaining public confidence in the SNP.

Due to the current parlous state of Scotland’s public finances under the SNP, (despite billions forked out by the English taxpayer under the Barnett Formula, which pays for free university tuition and prescriptions for the people of Scotland.) Sturgeon’s beloved EU bureaucrats would most likely impose harsh austerity measures on Scotland, just as we saw in Ireland..

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