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Party of the People?? Corbyn Confirms Labour Will Back Remain in a Second Referendum

What happened to honouring the referendum result?

If you missed the announcement, repeated by Jeremy Corbyn during his response to Boris Johnson this afternoon in the House of Commons. Labour’s latest Brexit position is that if there is no General Election before October 31st 2019, the party will back a second EU referendum, and then campaign for Remain..

So now we have Labour wanting us to Remain, Liberal Democrats and Green Party refusing to even honour any second referendum result if it doesn’t go their way. And we are still stuck with a Remain parliament who will never pass any deal Boris agrees?

It is hard to see this as anything other than betrayal of the five million Labour Leave voters in its traditional heartlands. They have been shafted by champagne socialists like Keir Starmer, Emily Thornberry, Tom Watson and the rest!

This betrayal will likely be Nigel Farage’s opportunity as many of these Labour voters will now flock to the Brexit Party.

It is worth remembering although Corbyn has a long track record of being critical of many aspects of the EU, which he views as a ‘capitalist club’ – Corbyn is actually a Remainer. He voted Remain: and has said as much in several media interviews

For Corbyn this might be too little too late, as disgruntled voices in the Remain camp, including previously firm supporters of his are coming to the conclusion the only way that Labour will attract disaffected Remain voters who voted Lib Dem on Green in the EU elections is with a change of leadership. Even if Corbyn now comes out as an unequivocal Remainer, he’s lost the trust of too many..

Supporters of Boris on the other hand now believe the new Prime Minster has all the justification he ever needed to close down this session of Parliament and get Brexit delivered once and for all, as our exit is already enshrined in UK law.

We now have the unedifying spectacle of two mainstream UK political parties stating that they will campaign to defy the will of the people regardless, and a third that would no doubt do the same!

At the very least it looks like we are heading towards an early General Election before the end of 2019.

Some might argue that campaigning for something doesn’t equate to defying democracy.

But yet it does when the end result is to reverse a democratic decision. We should have no problem with anyone campaigning on an issue once the original decision taken back in 2016 is respected and enacted.

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