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If the EU Won’t Negotiate a New Deal, Then We Must Be Ready for No Deal.

Finally, it looks like we might be getting what a majority of the electorate voted for in 2016.

Now that ex- Chancellor Philip Hammond, (who did so much to sabotage the previous Government’s credibility by refusing to prepare for a No Deal scenario), has been cast into the dustbin of history. Our Prime Minister’s hands are no longer tied, and Boris Johnson can properly prepare for Brexit.

Not a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit invented by Remainers, mind you. But a clean break enabling us to be in charge of our own destiny..

No Deal is simply what happens when the clock stops ticking, if there is no other agreement. It is surprising that so many still don’t seem to grasp the logic.

But of course, some are being willfully ignorant on this point..

Framing the debate in such a way, made it much less likely we would ever get a good deal from the EU, a fact Theresa May learnt to her own and this country’s great misfortune.

It seems unlikely even now, that the EU is capable of negotiating in good faith to prevent No Deal happening.

Instead, we are seeing the issue of Ireland back on the agenda, as Barnier and all the rest, play their irresponsible games with the peace process in Northern Ireland, in a last ditch attempt to reverse the Brexit process altogether.

Ireland would have been better off taking the UK’s side in pushing for a sensible deal. Unfortunately, Leo Varadkar chose the path of confrontation, and a role as chief errand boy for the EU Commission.

Now, this policy has backfired and it is his own country facing ruin..

A No Deal Brexit will seriously damage Ireland; 90% of its trade is with the UK. It would also cause carnage in France. Unemployment will reign in German manufacturing.

But if this is the final outcome, it will be the unaccountable, unelected Eurocrats and their useful idiots like Leo Varadkar and Philip Hammond who are to blame.

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