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BBC’s Emily Maitlis Having a Meltdown That Jacob Rees-Mogg and ERG Are Now ‘at the Heart of Government’

How controversial!! Our ‘esteemed’ media, led by BBC Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis, are having a fit over how wrong it is for our Prime Minister to pick a cabinet he thinks might be loyal to him. Outrageous!!

Earlier on Newsnight, Emily Maitlis said that the Boris Johnson reshuffle was equivalent to “wiping out the entire Theresa May premiership.”

Yes, actually, well done.. that is exactly what should have happened!!

And Emily.. the ERG are just a group of Conservative MPs who actually wanted Theresa May to deliver the Conservative Party 2017 election manifesto on Brexit. Not some right wing military dictatorship..

It has long been clear the BBC despise Brexit and these days they make no secret of it. I haven’t stopped paying my licence fee just yet, but if we don’t exit on 31st October, I will be holding the BBC partly responsible. Just saying..

The focus of the BBC’s rage seems to be that Boris has dared to sack former Defence Secretary Penny Mourdant, who backed the wrong horse in the Tory Leadership and has previously flip-flopped on Brexit.

Boris has also appointed BBC bête noire Jacob Rees-Mogg as leader of the commons, a man who positively loves procedural debates and can probably recite Erskine May front to back..

BBC ‘approved’ politicians such as Lib Dem Leader Jo Swinson, on the other hand, represent everything that is wrong about our shallow, gestural politics.

Swinson is calling for an immediate no-confidence vote in Boris Johnson’s government..

Can’t they see that tactically it would be highly unlikely the opposition could win a No Confidence vote right now?

If they try it anyway and lose, Boris Johnson would be strategically secure, and even strengthened by that symbolic victory. The Lib Dem party has 12 MPs. So how much influence does Jo Swinson really have?

The truth is Swinson and her fellow Remainers don’t need to think that far ahead, as the BBC and Emily Maitlis are usually happy to provide a platform to give their half-baked agenda and factually innacurate smears a wide audience without any objective analysis

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